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I'm currently in a sorority at UT. I have to say that it isn't a good idea to come into recruitment with a ton of preconceived notions about the different houses. That being said, there are some things you should know.

1)Despite what was previously posted, AEPhi at the University of Texas is 99-100% Jewish. So many girls like them every year, only to eventually be cut because of this. It is apparently the only AEPhi chapter in the country that takes only jewish girls. That being said, girls who are jewish do not always go AEPhi at UT
2)There are sororities that will take you if you do not have a rec, but you may not feel like you fit in with those sororities, so try and do everything you can to obtain as many as possible.
3)You are at a disadvantage for starting so late. The unofficial deadline for recs is typically July 1st. We will look at them if you send them in after that though.
4)The rankings that you talked about were determined in the 70s, and it is archaic. Some of the top sororities you described are not widely liked, and some of the ones you listed in the middle are widely loved.
5)OOS girls get bids all the time. I would say there is a house with the highest concentration of them, but every sorority has OOS girls.

Also, a word of advice, rank is not everything. There are some snotty people that think it matters. Those people don't get very far during recruitment. Often times girls who only go for "top" houses end up miserable because they don't fit in, and they could've been really happy at a house they thought wasn't "top" enough for them. It also really rubs everyone the wrong way when you try and rank the houses. Even girls in "top" sororities get offended because they have friends in other houses.
All of the sororities who participate in formal recruitment are strong at UT. You couldn't go wrong with any of them. It is all about where you fit in.
It also does cost a lot of money. Be prepared to spend around 4000 for your first year, and this often does not include things like t-shirts, parent's weekend activities, possibly eating at the house, etc. UT greek like is expensive.
You should try and get a rec for every house you can!!

If it doesn't work out, plenty of girls go through as sophomores and find the process much easier. Every house has sophomore quotas.

As for general advice, don't worry too much about your clothing. Yes, it should be appropriate, but if a house is going to cut you cause you didn't wear the right brand or something, you don't want to be in that house anyways. Instead, focus on finding outfits that you feel comfortable in. If you're comfortable in your outfit, you are going to be more comfortable and confident in the houses. That will take you farther than a designer dress ever will.
You might already know this, but don't talk about boys, alcohol, religion, or politics.
Bring flip flops or something to walk between houses during the later rounds. Your feet will thank you.
Give every sorority a shot. You're there for a reason.