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Originally Posted by Sen's Revenge View Post
YOU GUYS. This thread feels like we did a cannonball into MS territory!

(I love it, carry on.)

LOL! I've been very careful and I don't feel that I've said anything that compromises my organization's MS. We all know that there is some kind of "qualification" process for a PNM to move from one round to the next be it white and black balls, slips of paper, or what have you. I have no idea what other sororities do and so I used the generic term "electronic scoring" as a catch all when describing Select-A-Sis's technology. "Scoring" for some might be pressing "1" for keep and "2" for pass, or pressing 1, 2, or 3 for red, yellow, green light, etc, etc. There is more to it than "scoring" for Gamma Phi Beta, but I'm not gonna go in that direction.
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