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Originally Posted by navane View Post
-- No, Select-A-Sis is not like Tinder for sororities. You don't swipe left on a PNM's picture to pitch her into the virtual trash. Let's not get carried away here. I can't get too deep into it for membership selection reasons; but,it is nearly the exact same as before except that it's now electronic scoring. Members who met the PNM are simply entering a score after each round. Instead of writing it on a piece of paper and handing it in, they now type it on their tablet or phone and it gets put into the system for easy calculation and sorting by the alumnae upstairs who are helping coordinate.
Ah ... I see.

As long as the secrecy of a sorority's membership selection process is preserved, this could be a very useful tool. It could certainly shorten the time required for MS so that sisters, alumnae, and Panhel officers can actually get some shut-eye before the sun rises - LOL!

While I doubt the Russians would try to hack a sorority's invite list (LOL) I am always concerned about cybersecurity. I'm a software engineer and a paranoid New Yorker. It's in my blood.

When I was an active, we had a truly psycho PNM come through (see the weird rush stories thread for details) who would have given her eyeteeth to know why she didn't get a bid from my sorority (twice!) and which sisters in particular were "to blame" for her bidlessness. Had something like Select-A-Sis existed back then, I wouldn't have put it past her to try to hack it.
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