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Originally Posted by irishpipes View Post
I think the word competitive is the key. Yes, the placement rates at these competitive schools tends to be VERY high. But, getting matched through the process is not the same thing as having a dream recruitment where a PNM has much control over her invitations.

May of these schools have ages-old tier structures and an entrenched pecking order. It usually takes knowing the right people and playing the game to receive a bid to these chapters. It is my personal belief, based on experience with these types of recruitments, that this situation actually makes the "lower tier" chapters very strong in comparison to chapters at schools with less-competitive recruitments. This is because many smart, beautiful PNMs pledge those chapters. They have incredible attributes, but lack the social connections to be bid by the perceived higher-tiered chapters. They may be PNMs from smaller towns or OOS, or just not from an "old family" in the nearby metro areas. These competitive recruitments tend to have incredibly strong chapters from top to bottom. Typically, there is no weak chapter on campus.
Huh, I didn't think about it that way. I almost wish I could watch a competitive SEC recruitment from a 3rd person perspective and follow a bunch of different PNMs with different backgrounds. Someone needs to make a documentary of that!
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