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I love Select A Sis! I am the recruitment advisor to a chapter of about 145 women. There are 6 NPC chapters on campus. We used Select A Sis for the first time last fall for a small informal recruitment. This helped the women get familiar with the system. It was amazing how much it sped up the process! No more counting scores or tabulating by hand, then entering it into a separate spreadsheet, using that to make lists in ICS, etc. SAS is completely in line with our voting and tabulating, as they contract with IHQ to set it up. The only problem we had during formal recruitment was that for some reason, SAS was not uploading the spreadsheet of PNMs we generated from ICS. But we were pretty quickly able to hand enter them in about 30 to 40 minutes with the recruitment chair and I each on our computers. We were then able to focus with the chapter on voting. The extra time we saved meant that the women could get home and get some much needed sleep to prepare for the next round of recruitment.
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