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Gamma Phi Beta was first to adopt Select-A-Sis about seven or so years ago when it first came out. It was a Gamma Phi Beta who pioneered the idea and her engineering major boyfriend (now husband) and his friend helped get the system built.

Specifically, I recall that the chapter I was assisting with was one of the first to pilot the program in around 2011. We alumnae used to sit in a room and tabulate scores by hand from paper slips. Now, the members can enter scores using their cell phones and tablets. It works out great. Like Sciencewoman commented, the biggest issue we encountered was making sure that the chapter's wifi system is robust enough to handle so many sisters logging in at once. Otherwise, it makes scoring so much easier.

With regard to the many questions/concerns posted here. Honestly, I think the worries about being hacked are unfounded. We have to ask ourselves if someone would really have the time and inclination to hack into a sorority recruitment system. I think that's a little over the top. Remember, we score PNMs and then send our invite lists to Panhellenic.

-- Some Panhellenics have chapters e-mail a spreadsheet with the invite list on it. Some in the past may have even hand-delivered it. How secure is that? Couldn't someone hack into the Panhellenic e-mail and read invite lists? Or intercept a paper copy of the lists?

-- Many Panhellenics across the country use ICS to have PNMs register for recruitment and that's where the party lists are generated by Panhellenic. We have to upload our invite lists to ICS website. Do we have any reports of people hacking into ICS to read where Suzy Q got her invites back? Or to sneak a peek at the return rates of specific chapters?

-- The previous process of writing on paper slips wasn't exactly secure either. Nothing says "security" like having hundreds of little pieces of paper floating around. I could totally imagine some chapter throwing those in the trash after recruitment and having someone pull them out of the trash to read them. Also, many chapters/sororities use notebooks to jot down specific notes about a PNM she met. Where did all of those paper notes go after recruitment?

-- Even if someone did get into Select-A-Sis for nefarious reasons, the most they will probably see is a series of numeric scores and not comments on the PNM herself. <shrug> I'm not sure what "juicy" info someone would get from that.

-- No, Select-A-Sis is not like Tinder for sororities. You don't swipe left on a PNM's picture to pitch her into the virtual trash. Let's not get carried away here. I can't get too deep into it for membership selection reasons; but,it is nearly the exact same as before except that it's now electronic scoring. Members who met the PNM are simply entering a score after each round. Instead of writing it on a piece of paper and handing it in, they now type it on their tablet or phone and it gets put into the system for easy calculation and sorting by the alumnae upstairs who are helping coordinate.

I hope this helps!
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