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Question About Competitive Recruitments

Hi! I do not attend an SEC school or any school that has ultra competitive recruitment, but as I am from the North and know very little about Greek Life besides what I've read on this website in the past few months, I'm fascinated by large Greek systems and competitive recruitments.

I was watching the University of Arkansas Bid Day 2016 video, and the Director of Greek Life stated that something like 1650 girls registered for recruitment, and a little over 1400 bids were extended(my numbers may be off, though). To someone who isn't very knowledgeable about SEC recruitment like me, 1400/1650 seems pretty good(considering there had to have been some girls who withdrew earlier in the week or maybe even a few who didn't show up to recruitment at all).

So my question is this: What exactly is it that makes these large recruitments so competitive? Do a lot of girls not get bids to their #1 choice chapter?

Disclaimer: I hope this thread doesn't come across like I'm challenging what everyone on Greek Chat has been saying for years! I certainly believe you all when you say SEC recruitment is competitive. I'm just trying to fill in the blanks! Thanks!
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