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Sarah E you have been given very good advice. If I were you, I would remove every thing but the first paragraph of your original post. What you have written could be considered very inflammatory by almost every chapter that you have listed. I would guess that it would be very easy to identify you at this point.

The ranking of chapters is extremely subjective depending on who you are talking to. There are no clear "tiers" at UT because ALL of the chapters are hard to get in to. This is especially true for an OOS PNM that has very few recs and contacts within the houses.

Every house has different strengths depending on what is important to you. If grades are important, look at the grade rankings of each house. Some of the houses that you listed as "lower" are actually top in grades. If intramural sports are important, look at those statistics or ask questions about what sports that particular house participated in last year. If religion is important, some chapters have very active bible study groups. There are so many important factors that go in to what makes a particular chapter "good" to each person. What I think is a good chapter for me might not be the same to you.

UT has a very good placement rate for the girls that are willing to finish the process and not drop out because the perceived "upper tier" houses have dropped them. I wish you luck and hope that you will take all of this advice that you have been given to heart.

Good luck on the 40 acres!