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Originally Posted by clemsongirl View Post
Ooh, this made me think. Sometimes I think going through rush at a school you're iffy on is like having a baby to make a relationship work-you're committing yourself to something much more permanent and odds are the inevitable "breakup", so to speak, will be much messier than if you'd separated sooner. Few things evoke more sympathy from me than a student going through recruitment at a school they may not stay at, getting a bid and getting initiated, then transferring to a place with no chapter and being completely disconnected from the undergraduate Greek experience around them.
This is why I hate when one of the rationales used for pre-freshman rush is "it makes you feel at home at the school!" Well yes, it can make things seem smaller & easier to handle (especially at a huge state flagship) but the fact of the matter is, you aren't doing sorority 24/7. You still have to attend large classes. You still have to navigate a campus that may be bigger than your home town. This goes both ways of course - entering a prestigious yet tiny liberal arts school may make people from large high schools chafe at the degree of coziness. And I haven't even touched on hating your major.

But you don't know any of that if you go through rush before you've even had one college class.
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