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I'll share a few thoughts and comments about Texas recruitment. My daughter is a junior at UT and had a successful recruitment. She is in-state but never planned to go Greek until senior year of high school, so she was not preparing for it all her life as mentioned previously.

UT has a sophomore quota and most houses take advantage of it. I actually heard one active say it's easier to get into a sorority as a sophomore than a freshman. However, I wouldn't squander your first opportunity at recruitment now, just to wait and see what might happen next year. Do the best you can, get as many recs as possible, and see what happens.

UT does not send any sort of recruitment brochure to incoming freshmen. There is usually an online recruitment guide but it hasn't yet been updated for 2017 so perhaps they have discontinued that resource. There's a lot of good information on the Texas Panhellenic website, including the 2016 recruitment brochure and suggested attire for each round of recruitment.

UT does not have an organized spring recruitment. Most years 3-4 houses will add a few new members, but it's not an organized process and I believe the new members are often close friends of new initiates who joined in the fall, possibly those girls who withdrew from formal recruitment. (More on that later.) You can find more info about which houses have added new members in the spring by looking at spring grade rankings here. Choose a semester, open the document, and see which chapters have a GPA listed for new members. The chapter grade rankings online go back to 2014. You will notice that only 3 chapters added new members in spring 2017.

I know OOS girls who have had a successful UT recruitment, even starting this late in the summer. I recommend you get your packets and recs lined up ASAP. Recruitment is well under way for 2017 and you don't have any time to lose. My daughter just returned from work weekend in Austin, where she learned all about recruitment from the "other side." Her chapter has already received many sponsorship forms and letters of support for the 2017 PNMs.

Appreciate every invitation you receive during recruitment. Be a gracious guest at every party. Look at each chapter through fresh eyes each time you visit. If you've been invited back to a chapter, they see something in you and think you have potential to be their sister. As an OOS PNM your invitation list may be different than a Texas girl from an established area of Dallas or Houston. It doesn't matter. Every chapter has something to offer and you will have a similar Greek experience at any house.

Continue through recruitment all the way to the end, even if you *think* you don't want to join any chapter left on your invitation list. Attend preference if you're invited. It often changes the way a PNM feels about a chapter. If you attend pref and wouldn't consider joining either chapter you visit, that's the time to withdraw from recruitment. Often girls who drop from recruitment before it's over are offered a snap bid or COB after formal recruitment to the SAME CHAPTERS that were left on her invitation list when she dropped. So stick it out through preference and finish the job. Then decide if you want to drop.

Are you registered for Camp Texas or Ignite? It's a great way to meet Greek girls prior to recruitment in an informal environment. I heard that Camp Texas is full (ask to be put on the waitlist in case a spot opens up) and Ignite Session 2 is still available. Connections can be the key to a successful recruitment.

There are 14 UPC sororities at UT Austin and 13 participate in formal recruitment. The recruitment schedule is online at the Panhellenic website. Note that the schedule there is a little different from the UT SFL (Sorority and Fraternity Life) website. Refer to the Texas Panhellenic website as your "official" resource.

Remember to register for recruitment by next Thursday, August 3, 2017.

Feel free to send me a PM if I can answer any questions for you. In my role as an ambassador for Texas Parents, I have spoken to OOS moms about Texas recruitment. I would be glad to have a conversation with your mom (or you) if you're interested.

I hope to hear about your successful UT recruitment.

Good luck and hook 'em horns! \m/