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Assuming this poster isn't a troll, here's my two cents.

SarahE (please don't let that be your real name): first things first. Read like crazy in the recruitment forum, especially everything you can find on UT

Next, ignore all the "ratings" and "rankings". Pay attention to what TXDG wrote to you.

So, what do my Panhell sisters think of me telling the OP to sit out a year? I know it's Texas BUT she's so unprepared... my rationale is this: that gives the OP time to get the lay of the land, make friends in and out of sororities, and get a killer freshman GPA which will make her a desirable member as a sophomore. It is my belief that UT chapters do have the option of "upperclass quota". Is that true? Also wondering: what's the status of spring rush for UT?

(AHEM: LadyLonghorn, where are you???????????????)
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