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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
Yes, you are at a very large disadvantage starting so late. You should probably also delete everything but your first paragraph from your post as soon as humanly possible.

Sidebar: I thought that most schools with a large Greek presence sent out some sort of info to incoming freshmen in the spring so they did hear about it before orientation.
Originally Posted by Titchou View Post
33girl - she said she wasn't interested in it before - not that she didn't know about it
Right, it sounds like she got excited about joining a sorority after hearing about it during orientation. I don't mean to side track the conversation but I am sort of wondering out loud if we do ourselves a disservice by making it difficult for students to participate in recruitment. Of course, she could wait until the spring or just rush anyway and hope for the best. Not to minimize all the legwork and time people put in to prepare, but it is a pretty tough situation when people decide to join but don't because they feel like they can adequately prepare or would be at a big disadvantage.