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Originally Posted by SarahE View Post
Hey everyone! I'm an out of stater just returning from orientation. Never was interested in sorority life but after hearing all the buzz about recruitment at orientation, I'm gonna go for it!

Do you all think it's a real disadvantage to be starting so late on registration and all?? The talk at orientation puts the houses like this: PiPhi, Kappa, Theta, Tri Delta, Chi O, Zeta, APhi, AXO, AEPhi, DG, KD, ADPi, AZD, SDT

What are the strongest houses at UT to consider as an out of state student? I'm going to start getting rec letters together but do I really need to have them for the lower houses? I think I can skip AEPHI and SDT because I'm not Jewish. Thanks in advance for the help!!
Oh. My. I sure hope that you let your OWN experiences with each chapter guide you in your decisions, not just tacky gossip from some other people that you don't even know.

If you choose to go through recruitment at this late date, you should be gracious and enthusiastic about EVERY SINGLE party invitation that you might receive.

Yes, you need to get recommendations for every single chapter. You already have strikes against you. There is no such thing as a "lower house" at UT. You need to understand that in very large part, THEY are doing the choosing, not you.

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