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You need to be prepared for recruitment AND have an opened mind. Tiers are the imagination of someone but I personally have no idea who. All chapters are wonderful. Each chapter of each sorority is different than every other chapter of that sorority. There are different women in each chapter and everyone of those women are different. Now, multiply each personality by the number of chapters on every campus and then multiply that by 26 NPC sororities. You may be comfortable with ABC on the U of State A while you'd be a better fit with XYZ had you attended U of State B.

Don't rule out houses because of their religious founding. You just may find your best fit is at that house. I AM Jewish but I belong to a house that was not founded on Jewish practices. Had there been a Jewish based house on campus when I attended, would I have joined them instead? Who knows.

Get your recommendations in line, have at least 1, maybe 2 for every house, have an open mind. Make your own decisions as to where you are most comfortable, don't base your decisions on tent talk. Member, numerous personalities.