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When I went through recruitment, I was a sophomore and knew to keep an open mind because I would take hard cuts. It was tough, but I knew that the sororities that invited me back were the ones that still wanted to get to know me. Now, I can't imagine not being in my chapter and I can see that chapters I originally loved would not have been the best place for me. After recruiting as an active, I was surprised to find that I could often tell when a PNM would mesh with our chapter or not. There were some that I LOVED but I knew that they were much more like my friend in XYZ or ABC rather than my chapter, and that's where they went many times. I have told PNMs that as hard as it is, the actives do know their chapter more than the PNMs do. After all, the actives are looking for new sisters just as much as the PNMs are. Even if they don't join my chapter, I want the best for them and want them to find their home.
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