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I know that the OP is from 2015 - I am posting this for other people who may be in the same situation.

I speak from experience. About a month in, I depledged XYZ fraternity. A year later, I rushed again. I was interested in rejoining XYZ and had maintained very good relationships with my XYZ pledge brothers -- one was one of my very best friends. Though I had already decided to pledge a different fraternity, I found out before bid drop that I would not be getting a bid from XYZ. One guy in XYZ didn't want me in - everyone else did.

The power to prevent giving out a bid to someone varies by fraternity. Chances are that someone (or a couple of someones) just didn't want you in. When this happens, accept the fact that there is really nothing you can do about it and move on.

You will find this dynamic also at work when you graduate and are out looking for employment - ten people at a company may love you but just this one guy didn't. So no job.

My advice is to keep looking.
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