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Originally Posted by annabanana12 View Post
Does anyone know what sororities do not take juniors right off the bat at ua? I'm struggling with deciding whether to rush or not. I planned on it then got discouraged. I have a good GPA, a couple recs, and know a few girls who are in soroties at Alabama. I'm very open minded about the process. Although there is one house I do have my eye on, I wouldn't be upset if I didn't get that one. I don't expect to as a junior. Any place where I feel comfortable is good enough. (I'm a transfer student from a junior college) I am also concerned about my major. I do have a difficult major but I also am coming to Alabama not knowing a lot of people so I think this is a good opportunity to step out of my comfort zone. Just scared!!!
You don't have to keep creating multiple threads asking essentially the same thing. Stick to one.
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