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If you don't participate, you're not going to get a bid! Do it!

I have a feeling that you will regret not rushing, if you don't do it. I also think you are over thinking things-things that are beyond your control right now. You need to complete your rush enrollment form NOW, gather up recommendations for each and every chapter at Bama ( really, really get on this RIGHT NOW) coordinate your rush outfits and breathe! Go to the beach, or the lake, or the mountains. Get together with friends home from school and laugh! Cook dinner for your parents as a surprise. Do some volunteer work. Do things that will keep you busy and not so wrapped up in worrying about your chances of getting a bid.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer and then ENJOY rush. The girls that can do that are usually more successful because the sororities can see the PNM's true self, how she would fit in to their chapters and what she might contribute to the chapter.
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