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Your edited post is sufficient to get the information you seek. I do know, however, that most of the schools in this part of the country are between terms - but it depends on the practice of the fraternities at your particular school on how they recruit over the summer.

The kids up here are not the same as the kids in the South or Midwest. So I do not necessarily see your original, unedited post as being insecure, but more as bewilderment. The group you have been rushing may just be super laid back. Or they may be more like the Masons - where you have to actually ask to join. Of course if the group you are rushing is not laid back and have been giving bids to everyone but you - find a different fraternity.

Anyway, I suggest you just try to get to know as many people in the fraternity as you can - don't just limit your contact to the rush chair. It doesn't hurt to just ask someone in the fraternity about how do you go about joining the fraternity. Most importantly, I would not limit yourself to rushing just one group either. Keep in mind that IFC fraternities are more alike than different. So like the sorority recruitment stuff emphasizes - "maximize your options."

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