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Originally Posted by PhilTau View Post
In any event, you may be between spring and summer sessions. There may be fewer actives attending the summer sessions and, as a result, fewer fraternity rush activities.
It really depends. Sigma Nu's Oklahoma State chapter, for example, has their entire Fall class decided upon and signed as early as July. Our chapter at Central Oklahoma aspires to fill out its class mostly in the Summer, but we usually sign some in Fall formal recruitment as well.

The bottom line for OP is that we the readers know nothing. We don't know where you're going to school and it would probably be best that you avoid saying as much. I would probably not sign someone so insecure.

I think it's on OP to reach out to his contacts at the fraternity if he wants to sign.. and if he does and he wants to go ahead and commit, a discussion needs to be had about how bidding works and when/if he can expect a bid. I'd be pretty direct about the whole business. Either you're going to sign this house or you're wasting your time and could be looking elsewhere.
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