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This doesn't really help you, but there is no way that we can tell you exactly what's going on with the rush chair or the chapter.

Just from experience, the 2nd rush chair could be busy with work/internship/etc., and hasn't been able to answer. I don't know enough about UW(I'm guessing U of Washington since you mentioned Seattle) to be able to say if this is a campus where the fraternities put self-imposed limits on their pledge classes.

You probably haven't done anything wrong. Again, they could just be incredibly busy at this time. If there is a publicized event that you know about, go ahead and go. Do not, DO NOT, ask the chair or other members "Hey, why haven't I heard from you?" Just go, be friendly, be polite, don't be cocky, don't second guess any interactions with the members; just relax and have fun.
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