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Brock University
St. Catharines, ON

Delta Zeta Omicron Tau 1994-2000

Carleton University
Ottawa, ON
September 12-25, 2017/January 2018
Campus Total=85 (Fall 2016)
Quota Last Year=26
Phi Sigma Sigma Zeta Eta 1991 (27)
Alpha Omicron Pi Gamma Chi 1992 (23)
Delta Phi Epsilon Zeta Epsilon 2016 (Fall 14/Spring 11)

Hellmuth Woman's College
London, ON

Chi Omega Phi (Old) 1899-1900

McMaster University
Hamilton, ON

Alpha Gamma Delta Zeta Phi 1991-1997
Alpha Phi Theta Omicron 1993-2001

University of Guelph
Guelph, ON
September 2017
Kappa Alpha Theta Epsilon Chi 1987-1998
Pi Beta Phi Ontario Gamma 1996 (10?)

University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Durham College)
Oshawa, ON
September 13-21, 2017
Alpha Gamma Delta Zeta Omega 2009 (3)

University of Ottawa
Ottawa, ON
September 2017
Campus Total=
**Open for Extension**
Delta Phi Epsilon Beta Sigma 1993-2003
Delta Delta Delta Canada Delta 1995 (Fall 11/Spring 6)
Alpha Phi Iota Upsilon 2014 (Fall 30/Spring 14)

University of Toronto
Toronto, ON
September 15-18, 2017
Campus Total=40
Quota last year=14
Kappa Alpha Theta Sigma 1887-1889/1905-1941
Alpha Phi Xi 1906 (12)
Pi Beta Phi Ontario Alpha 1908 (11)
Kappa Kappa Gamma Beta Psi 1911 (12)
Delta Gamma Alpha Gamma 1913-1976
Alpha Gamma Delta Tau 1919 (14)
Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Alpha 1919 (15)
Delta Phi Epsilon Zeta 1924-1958
Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Alpha 1927-1955
Alpha Delta Pi Beta Zeta 1929-1943

Iota Alpha Pi Kappa 1929-1956
Alpha Omicron Pi Beta Tau 1930 (12)
Alpha Chi Omega Beta Iota 1930-1953
Delta Delta Delta Canada Alpha 1930 (14)

University of Waterloo
Waterloo, ON
September 24-?, 2017/January 2018
Campus Total=34
Kappa Kappa Gamma Zeta Omega 1994 (11?)
Alpha Omicron Pi Lambda Epsilon 2008 (13)

University of Western Ontario
London, ON
September 24-26, 2017
Campus Total=62
Quota last year=31
Pi Beta Phi Ontario Beta 1934 (36)
Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Omega 1936-2004
Kappa Alpha Theta Gamma Epsilon 1937 (29)
Phi Sigma Sigma 1981-?
Alpha Omicron Pi Iota Chi 1986 (Fall 29/Spring 8)
Alpha Phi Theta Eta 1991 (35)
Alpha Gamma Delta Zeta Chi 1992 (32)

University of Windsor
Essex, ON
January-February 2018
Campus Total=
Phi Sigma Sigma Delta Epsilon 1981
Delta Zeta Omicron Nu 1992

Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, ON
**Open for Extension**
Delta Gamma Zeta Omicron 1991-2014
Alpha Phi Iota Theta 2002

York University
Toronto, ON

Alpha Epsilon Phi Phi Omicron 1986-1990
Sigma Delta Tau Gamma Omicron 1990-1998

Alpha Gamma Delta
University of Toronto Tau 1919
McMaster University Zeta Phi 1991-1997
University of Western Ontario Zeta Chi 1992
University of Ontario Institute of Technology Zeta Omega 2009

Alpha Delta Pi
University of Toronto Beta Zeta 1929-1943

Alpha Epsilon Phi
University of Toronto Alpha Alpha 1927-1955
York University Phi Omicron 1986-1990

Alpha Omicron Pi
University of Toronto Beta Tau 1930
University of Western Ontario Iota Chi 1986
Carleton University Gamma Chi 1992
University of Waterloo Lambda Epsilon 2008

Alpha Phi
University of Toronto Xi 1906
University of Western Ontario Theta Eta 1991
McMaster University Theta Omicron 1993-2001
Wilfrid Laurier University Iota Theta 2002
University of Ottawa Iota Upsilon 2014

Alpha Chi Omega
University of Toronto Beta Iota 1930-1953

Gamma Phi Beta
University of Toronto Alpha Alpha 1919
University of Western Ontario Alpha Omega 1936-2004

Delta Gamma
University of Toronto Alpha Gamma 1913-1976
Wilfrid Laurier University Zeta Omicron 1991-2014

Delta Delta Delta
University of Toronto Canada Alpha 1930
University of Ottawa Canada Delta 1995

Delta Zeta
University of Windsor Omicron Nu 1992
Brock University Omicron Tau 1994-2000

Delta Phi Epsilon
University of Toronto Zeta 1924-1958
University of Ottawa Beta Sigma 1993-2003

Carleton University Zeta Epsilon 2016

Kappa Alpha Theta
University of Toronto Sigma 1887-1889/1905-1941
University of Western Ontario Gamma Epsilon 1937
University of Guelph Epsilon Chi 1987-1998

Kappa Kappa Gamma
University of Toronto Beta Psi 1911
University of Waterloo Zeta Omega 1994

Pi Beta Phi
University of Toronto Ontario Alpha 1908
University of Western Ontario Ontario Beta 1934
University of Guelph Ontario Gamma 1996

Sigma Delta Tau
York University Gamma Omicron 1990-1998

Phi Sigma Sigma
University of Windsor Delta Epsilon 1981
University of Western Ontario 1981-?
Carleton University Zeta Eta 1991

Chi Omega
Hellmuth Woman's College Phi (Old) 1899-1900
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