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Benedictine University
Lisle, IL

*Open for Extension**

Bradley University
Peoria, IL
August 23-27, 2017
Campus Total=117 (Fall 2015)
Quota last year=31
Pi Beta Phi Illinois Theta 1947 (35)
Sigma Kappa Beta Nu 1947 (32)
Chi Omega Mu Delta 1947 (27)
Gamma Phi Beta Beta Eta 1948 (31)
Delta Zeta Zeta Alpha 1957-1987
Sigma Delta Tau Alpha Upsilon 1962 (21)
Sigma Sigma Sigma Gamma Theta 1962-1966
Alpha Epsilon Phi Epsilon Chi 1968-1983

Alpha Chi Omega Zeta Eta 1978 (29)
Delta Gamma Epsilon Upsilon 1985-1987
Phi Sigma Sigma Zeta Psi 1993-?

Kappa Delta Eta Beta 2000 (30)

Carthage College College later moved to Wisconsin
Pi Beta Phi Illinois Gamma 1882-1888

Dearborn Seminary
Chicago, IL
Pi Beta Phi No Chapter Designation 1881-1883

DePaul University
Chicago, IL
September 12-24, 2017
Campus Total=100
Quota last year=37
Theta Upsilon Xi Alpha 1958-1962 National absorbed by Delta Zeta
Theta Phi Alpha Alpha Gamma 1960-1995

Delta Zeta Theta Theta 1962 (32)
Alpha Sigma Alpha Delta Eta 1971 (26)
Alpha Omicron Pi Delta Rho 1996 (32)
Alpha Phi Iota Eta 2002-2007/2008 (33)
Chi Omega Rho Mu 2007 (34)
Delta Gamma Eta Pi 2007 (34)
Alpha Xi Delta Iota Rho 2012 (31)
Phi Mu Rho Mu 2014 (32)

Eastern Illinois University
(Eastern Illinois State Teachers College)
Charleston, IL
September 6-10, 2017
Campus Total=92
Quota last year=12
Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Psi 1942
Delta Sigma Epsilon Alpha Nu 1943-1956 National absorbed by Delta Zeta
Delta Zeta Gamma Nu 1949 (6)
Sigma Kappa Gamma Mu 1956 (8)
Alpha Gamma Delta Beta Iota 1960 (6)
Kappa Delta Delta Beta 1963-1984/1997 (7)
Alpha Sigma Alpha Gamma Omega 1969
Alpha Omicron Pi Epsilon Iota 1972-1975
Alpha Phi Zeta Alpha 1976 (9?)
Alpha Sigma Tau Beta Pi 1982 (7)
Phi Sigma Sigma Delta Omicron 1985-1998
Delta Delta Delta Epsilon Gamma 2005 (7)

Elmhurst College
Elmhurst, IL
September 2017
Campus Total=67
Quota Last Year=19
Sigma Kappa Zeta Iota 1977 (19)
Alpha Phi Zeta Xi 1980 (17)
Phi Mu Rho Theta 2009 (18)
Kappa Kappa Gamma Eta Phi 2013 (21)

Eureka College
Eureka, IL
Delta Zeta Pi 1917-?/2006 (11)

Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, IL
August 2017
Sigma Kappa Beta Pi 1947-1959
Delta Zeta Gamma Mu 1948-1969
Delta Phi Epsilon Phi Xi 1978-?

Alpha Sigma Alpha Zeta Phi 1999 (9?)

Illinois State University
Normal, IL
August 29-September 5, 2017
Campus Total=130
Quota last year=58
Alpha Gamma Delta Beta Omicron 1973 (54)
Alpha Delta Pi Zeta Theta 1973 (56)
Delta Zeta Lambda Rho 1973 (54)
Kappa Delta Epsilon Eta 1973-1987
Delta Delta Delta Beta Omicron 1974 (53)
Zeta Tau Alpha Eta Phi 1974 (57)
Pi Beta Phi Illinois Iota 1974 (8)
Chi Omega Rho Kappa 1974 (58)
Gamma Phi Beta Delta Pi 1980 (57)
Alpha Phi Zeta Tau 1983-1993
Phi Sigma Sigma Epsilon Alpha 1988 (55)
Sigma Sigma Sigma Epsilon Omicron 1989 (53)
Sigma Delta Tau Delta Beta 1993-?
Alpha Omicron Pi Beta Nu 2016 (39)
Kappa Kappa Gamma Colony Fall 2018

Illinois Wesleyan University
Bloomington, IL
September 12-17, 2017
Campus Total=82 (Fall 2015)
Quota last year=17?
Kappa Kappa Gamma Epsilon 1873 (16)
Kappa Alpha Theta Delta (Old) 1875-1895
Sigma Kappa Eta 1906 (15)
Kappa Delta Omicron 1908 (15)
Alpha Gamma Delta Xi 1914 (16)
Alpha Omicron Pi Beta Lambda 1956-2000

Knox College
Galesburg, IL
January 2018
Campus Total=50
Quota Last Year=8?
Kappa Kappa Gamma Beta 1871-1874/Eta Kappa 2007 (10)
Pi Beta Phi Illinois Beta-Delta (Originally Illinois Delta) 1884-?/1930 (9)
Delta Delta Delta Epsilon 1889 (10)
Alpha Xi Delta Alpha 1893-1973 Moved from Lombard College in 1930
Phi Mu Sigma 1912-1989
Delta Zeta Nu 1930-1964 Chapter moved from Lombard College

Alpha Sigma Alpha Theta Nu 2010 (7)

Lake Forest College
Lake Forest, IL
January-February 2018
Campus Total=47
Quota Last Year=10
Alpha Xi Delta Beta Zeta 1932-1961
Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Psi 1934-1961
Alpha Delta Pi Beta Rho 1936-1961
Chi Omega Sigma Delta 1938-1961

Alpha Phi Gamma Epsilon 1952-1961/2006
Delta Gamma Eta Mu 2004
Kappa Alpha Theta Eta Nu 2004
Delta Delta Delta Epsilon Beta 2005 (Fall 12)

Lindenwood University
Belleville, IL
**Open to start new Greek system**

Lombard College
Galesburg, IL
(College closed 1930)
Alpha Xi Delta Alpha (Founding Chapter) 1893-1930 Upon school closure, chapter moved to Knox College
Pi Beta Phi Illinois Beta 1872-1930 Upon school closure, chapter merged with Knox College chapter
Delta Zeta Nu 1915-1930 Upon school closure, chapter moved to Knox
Theta Upsilon Pi 1928-1930

Loyola University
Chicago, IL
September 2017/January 2018
Campus Total=
Quota Last Year=78
Theta Phi Alpha Upsilon 1943-1990
Alpha Sigma Alpha Gamma Lambda 1964
Phi Mu Delta Upsilon 1965-1971
Sigma Kappa Theta Omega 1992-1998
Phi Sigma Sigma Zeta Tau 1992
Alpha Chi Omega Iota Rho 1993
Kappa Kappa Gamma Eta Lambda 2007
Chi Omega Lambda Mu 2010
Alpha Delta Pi Theta Mu 2012
Kappa Delta Colony Fall 2018

McKendree University
Lebanon, IL
Sigma Sigma Sigma Theta Gamma 2011 (20?)

Millikin University
Decatur, IL
February 2018
Campus Total=
Quota Last Year=22
Delta Delta Delta Delta Epsilon 1912
Zeta Tau Alpha Tau 1912-1995
Pi Beta Phi Illinois Eta 1912
Alpha Chi Omega Upsilon 1913
Pi Kappa Sigma Alpha Eta 1929-1937
Theta Upsilon Gamma Alpha 1933-1946

Monmouth College
Monmouth, IL
August 23-26, 2017
Campus Total=54
Quota Last Year=17
Pi Beta Phi Illinois Alpha (Founding Chapter) 1867-1878/1928 (15)
Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha (Founding Chapter) 1870-1878/1934 (16)
Alpha Xi Delta Beta Epsilon 1932-1980/1997 (16)
Kappa Delta Beta Gamma 1936-1996

Northern Illinois University
(Northern Illinois State Teachers College)
DeKalb, IL
September 15-17, 2017
Campus Total=79
Quota last year=30
Delta Sigma Epsilon Alpha Omicron 1944-1956 National absorbed by Delta Zeta
Sigma Sigma Sigma Beta Alpha 1944 (26)
Pi Kappa Sigma Alpha Rho 1945-1959 National absorbed by Sigma Kappa
Alpha Sigma Alpha Beta Rho 1948 (26) Lost university recognition until December 2020)
Delta Zeta Gamma Rho 1950 (28)
Kappa Delta Gamma Alpha 1952-?
Alpha Omicron Pi Nu Iota 1954-1982/1991-2007

Sigma Kappa Gamma Zeta 1954 (26)
Alpha Xi Delta Gamma Pi 1959-1985
Alpha Delta Pi Delta Omega 1964 (9)
Sigma Delta Tau Beta Eta 1967-1975
Chi Omega Kappa Theta 1967-1985

Alpha Phi Epsilon Delta 1969 (26)
Delta Gamma Delta Nu 1969 (34)
Alpha Chi Omega Epsilon Mu 1970-1974
Delta Phi Epsilon Phi Sigma 1981-?

Northwestern University
Evanston, IL
January 11-17, 2018
Campus Total=100
Quota last year=32
Alpha Phi Beta 1881 (34)
Delta Gamma Sigma 1882 (30)
Kappa Kappa Gamma Upsilon 1882 (33)
Kappa Alpha Theta Tau 1887 (34)
Gamma Phi Beta Epsilon 1888 (28)
Alpha Chi Omega Gamma 1890 (34)
Pi Beta Phi Illinois Epsilon 1894 (34)
Delta Delta Delta Upsilon 1895 (31)
Chi Omega Xi 1901 (32)
Kappa Delta Lambda 1907-1982/1985 (31)
Alpha Omicron Pi Rho 1909-1973
Phi Omega Pi Epsilon 1913-1943
Alpha Gamma Delta Lambda 1913-1995

Delta Zeta Alpha Alpha 1920 (28)
Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Phi 1920-1969/2007 (33)
Alpha Epsilon Phi Omicron 1921-1988
Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Theta 1921-1972
Theta Upsilon Epsilon Alpha 1933-1940
Sigma Delta Tau Sigma 1938-1970
Alpha Delta Pi Gamma Beta 1945-1971/2002-2006

Parks College (St. Louis University)
Cahokia, IL
School was absorbed by St. Louis University in 1996
Alpha Omicron Pi Upsilon Epsilon 1988-1998

Quincy University
Quincy, IL
September 5-9, 2017
Campus Total=40
Theta Phi Alpha Psi 1954-1960
Phi Sigma Sigma Iota Beta 1998
Alpha Omicron Pi Epsilon Sigma 1999 (5)

Rockford Seminary
Rockford, IL
Kappa Kappa Gamma Zeta 1874-1876

Roosevelt University
Chicago, IL
September 12-16, 2017
Alpha Gamma Delta Beta Upsilon 2008 (8?)

Saint Mary's Seminary
Knoxville, IL
Kappa Kappa Gamma Beta 1871-1874

Southern Illinois University
Carbondale, IL
September 8-11, 2017
Campus Total=104 (Fall 2015)
Quota Last Year=30?
Delta Sigma Epsilon Alpha Delta 1928-1956 National absorbed by Delta Zeta, SIU chapter absorbed by Alpha Gamma Delta
Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Nu 1931-1977/1986-2008
Pi Kappa Sigma Alpha Xi 1939-1959 National absorbed by Sigma Kappa
Delta Zeta Gamma Omega 1953 (22)
Sigma Kappa Gamma Kappa 1955 (21)
Alpha Gamma Delta Beta Eta 1957 (27)
Alpha Omicron Pi Gamma Iota 1970-1973
Alpha Sigma Alpha Delta Theta 1972-?
Alpha Epsilon Phi Phi Zeta 1983-1989
Alpha Chi Omega Iota Upsilon 1997-?

Delta Phi Epsilon Gamma Chi 2014 (28)

Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Edwardsville, IL
August 23-27, 2017
Campus Total=134
Quota Last Year=62
Alpha Sigma Tau Beta Eta 1972 (42)
Alpha Phi Epsilon Xi 1974 (43)
Delta Phi Epsilon Gamma Alpha 1998 (36)
Alpha Xi Delta Iota Upsilon 2014 (44)
Kappa Kappa Gamma Colony Fall 2018

University of Chicago
Chicago, IL
October 6-9, 2017
Campus Total=100
Quota last year=
Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Chi 1985 (43)
Kappa Alpha Theta Epsilon Phi 1986 (41)
Delta Gamma Eta Zeta 2001 (45)
Pi Beta Phi Illinois Kappa 2013 (40)

University of Illinois
Champaign-Urbana, IL
September 6-18, 2017
Campus Total=188
Quota last year=57
Pi Beta Phi Illinois Zeta 1895
Kappa Alpha Theta Delta (New) 1895 (45?)
Kappa Kappa Gamma Beta Lambda 1899 (54)
Alpha Chi Omega Iota 1899
Chi Omega Omicron 1900 (55?)
Alpha Xi Delta Kappa 1905-?/1983-1995/2008 (55?)
Delta Gamma Iota 1906 (53)
Sigma Kappa Theta 1906-1941/1946-1968/1975-2016
Alpha Omicron Pi Iota 1911 (52)
Phi Omega Pi Gamma 1911-?
Alpha Delta Pi Sigma 1912 (46?)
Gamma Phi Beta Omicron 1913 (53)
Alpha Gamma Delta Sigma 1918 (35?)
Theta Phi Alpha Beta 1919-1953
Alpha Epsilon Phi Mu 1920 (31?)
Delta Delta Delta Delta Pi 1920 (46?)
Delta Zeta Alpha Beta 1921-?/1988 (45?)
Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Kappa 1921-1988
Phi Mu Delta Beta 1921-1939?/1946-2011/2016
Alpha Phi Beta Alpha 1922 (53)
Alpha Delta Theta Delta 1923-1939 National merger with Phi Mu
Kappa Delta Sigma Omicron 1923
Phi Sigma Sigma Theta 1923-1975/1975-2011/2013
Lambda Omega Beta 1923-1933 National merger with Theta Upsilon
Theta Upsilon Gamma 1923-1940/1946-1962 National absorbed by Delta Zeta
Beta Phi Alpha Beta 1923-1941 National absorbed by Delta Zeta

Sigma Delta Tau Kappa 1926 (54?)
Beta Sigma Omicron National absorbed by Zeta Tau Alpha
Delta Phi Epsilon Rho 1927-1933/1945-196?/1977-1990
Sigma Phi Beta 1929-? National merger with Phi Omega Pi 1933
Delta Sigma Epsilon ?-1956 National absorbed by Delta Zeta
Iota Alpha Pi Phi 1954-?
Pi Kappa Sigma Alpha Psi 1954-1958

Sigma Sigma Sigma Gamma Alpha 1957-1965/1979-1987
Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Beta 1982-1992

University of Illinois at Chicago
Chicago, IL
September 2017
Campus Total=50
Quota Last Year=20?
Phi Sigma Sigma Theta Delta 1993 (20)
Delta Phi Epsilon Beta Rho 1994 (20)
Alpha Sigma Tau Delta Delta 1995 (22)

University of Illinois at Springfield
Springfield, IL

**Open for Extension**

University of St. Francis
Joliet, IL
September 2017/January 2018
Alpha Phi Iota Phi 2015
Zeta Tau Alpha Colony Fall 2017

Western Illinois University
(Western State Teachers College)
Macomb, IL
September 8-10, 2017
Campus Total=80
Quota last year=17?
Alpha Sigma Alpha Beta Kappa 1943-2003/2015 (10)
Pi Kappa Sigma Alpha Pi 1943-1959 National absorbed by Sigma Kappa
Delta Sigma Epsilon Alpha Tau 1946-1956 National absorbed by Delta Zeta

Sigma Sigma Sigma Beta Epsilon 1946 (14?)
Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Epsilon 1948 (13)
Delta Zeta Epsilon Omicron 1956 (16?)
Sigma Kappa Delta Sigma 1959-2011
Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Iota 1970-1986
Zeta Tau Alpha Eta Omicron 1973-1979

Chi Omega Gamma Kappa 1983 (11)
Phi Sigma Sigma Epsilon Psi 1990 (9?)

Alpha Gamma Delta
Northwestern University Lambda 1913-1995
Illinois Wesleyan University Xi 1914
University of Illinois Sigma 1918
Southern Illinois University Beta Eta 1957
Eastern Illinois University Beta Iota 1960
Illinois State University Beta Omicron 1973
Roosevelt University Beta Upsilon 2008

Alpha Delta Pi
University of Illinois Sigma 1912
Lake Forest College Beta Rho 1936-1961
Northwestern University Gamma Beta 1945-1971/2002-2006

Northern Illinois University Delta Omega 1964
Illinois State University Zeta Theta 1973
Loyola University Theta Mu 2012

Alpha Epsilon Phi
University of Illinois Mu 1920
Northwestern University Omicron 1921-1988
Bradley University Epsilon Chi 1968-1983
Southern Illinois University Phi Zeta 1983-1989

Alpha Xi Delta
Lombard College Alpha (Founding Chapter) 1893-1930 Chapter moved to Knox College
Knox College Alpha 1930-1973

University of Illinois Kappa 1905-?/1983-1995/2008
Northwestern University Alpha Theta 1921-1972
Monmouth College Beta Epsilon 1932-1980/1997
Lake Forest College Beta Zeta 1932-1961
Northern Illinois University Gamma Pi 1959-1985

DePaul University Iota Rho 2012
Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville Iota Upsilon 2014

Alpha Omicron Pi
Northwestern University Rho 1909-1973
University of Illinois Iota 1911
Northern Illinois University Nu Iota 1954-1982/1991-2007
Illinois Wesleyan University Beta Lambda 1956-2000
Southern Illinois University Gamma Iota 1970-1973
Western Illinois University Sigma Iota 1970-1986
Eastern Illinois University Epsilon Iota 1972-1975

University of Chicago Phi Chi 1985
Parks College Upsilon Epsilon 1988-1998 (College moved to St. Louis University)
DePaul University Delta Rho 1996
Quincy University Epsilon Sigma 1999
Illinois State University Beta Nu 2016

Alpha Sigma Alpha
Western Illinois University Beta Kappa 1943-2003/2015
Northern Illinois University Beta Rho 1948
Loyola University Gamma Lambda 1964
Eastern Illinois University Gamma Omega 1969
DePaul University Delta Eta 1971
Southern Illinois University Delta Theta 1972-?
University of Illinois Epsilon Beta 1982-1992
Illinois Institute of Technology Zeta Phi 1999
Knox College Theta Nu 2010

Alpha Sigma Tau
Western Illinois University Alpha Epsilon 1948
Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville Beta Eta 1972
Eastern Illinois University Beta Pi 1982
University of Illinois Chicago Delta Delta 1995

Alpha Phi
Northwestern University Beta 1881
University of Illinois Beta Alpha 1922
Lake Forest College Gamma Epsilon 1952-1961/2006
Northern Illinois University Epsilon Delta 1969
Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville Epsilon Xi 1974
Eastern Illinois University Zeta Alpha 1976
Elmhurst College Zeta Xi 1980
Illinois State University Zeta Tau 1983-1993
DePaul University Iota Eta 2002-2007/2008
University of St. Francis Iota Phi 2015

Alpha Chi Omega
Northwestern University Gamma 1890
University of Illinois Iota 1899
Millikin University Upsilon 1913
Northern Illinois University Epsilon Mu 1970-1974
Bradley University Zeta Eta 1978
Loyola University Iota Rho 1993
Southern Illinois University Iota Upsilon 1997-?

Gamma Phi Beta
Northwestern University Epsilon 1888
University of Illinois Omicron 1913
Lake Forest College Alpha Psi 1934-1961
Bradley University Beta Eta 1948
Illinois State University Delta Pi 1980

Delta Gamma
Northwestern University Sigma 1882
University of Illinois Iota 1906
Northern Illinois University Delta Nu 1969
Bradley University Epsilon Upsilon 1985-1987
University of Chicago Eta Zeta 2001
Lake Forest College Eta Mu 2004
DePaul University Eta Pi 2007

Delta Delta Delta
Knox College Epsilon 1889
Northwestern University Upsilon 1895
Millikin University Delta Epsilon 1912
University of Illinois Delta Pi 1920
Illinois State University Beta Omicron 1974
Lake Forest College Epsilon Beta 2005
Eastern Illinois University Epsilon Gamma 2005

Delta Zeta
Eureka College Pi 1918-?/2006
Lombard College Nu 1915-1930 (Chapter moved to Knox College upon closure of Lombard College)
Northwestern University Alpha Alpha 1920
University of Illinois Alpha Beta 1921-?/1988
Knox College Nu 1930-1964
Illinois Institute of Technology Gamma Mu 1948-1969

Eastern Illinois University Gamma Nu 1949
Northern Illinois University Gamma Rho 1950
Southern Illinois University Gamma Omega 1953
Western Illinois University Epsilon Omicron 1956
Bradley University Zeta Alpha 1957-1987
DePaul University Theta Theta 1962
Illinois State University Lambda Rho 1973

Delta Phi Epsilon
University of Illinois Rho 1927-1933/1945-196?/1977-1990
Illinois Institute of Technology Phi Xi 1978-?
Northern Illinois University Phi Sigma 1981-?

University of Illinois Chicago Beta Rho 1994
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Gamma Alpha 1998
Southern Illinois University Gamma Chi 2014

Zeta Tau Alpha
Millikin University Tau 1912-1995
Northwestern University Alpha Phi 1920-1969/2007
University of Illinois Alpha Kappa 1921-1988
Western Illinois University Eta Omicron 1973-1979

Illinois State University Eta Phi 1974
University of St. Francis Colony Fall 2017

Theta Phi Alpha
University of Illinois Beta 1919-1953
Loyola University Upsilon 1943-1990
Quincy University Psi 1954-1960
DePaul University Alpha Gamma 1960-1995

Kappa Alpha Theta
Illinois Wesleyan University Delta (Old) 1875-1895
Northwestern University Tau 1887
University of Illinois Delta (New) 1895
University of Chicago Epsilon Phi 1986
Lake Forest College Eta Nu 2004

Kappa Delta
Northwestern University Lambda 1907-1982/1985
Illinois Wesleyan University Omicron 1908
University of Illinois Sigma Omicron 1923
Monmouth College Beta Gamma 1936-1996
Northern Illinois University Gamma Alpha 1952-?

Eastern Illinois University Delta Beta 1963-1984/1997
Illinois State University Epsilon Eta 1973-1987
Bradley University Eta Beta 2000
Loyola University Colony Fall 2018

Kappa Kappa Gamma
Monmouth College Alpha (Founding Chapter) 1870-1878/1934
St. Mary's Seminary Beta 1871-1874
Rockford Seminary Zeta 1874-1876

Illinois Wesleyan University Epsilon 1873
Northwestern University Upsilon 1882
University of Illinois Beta Lambda 1899
Knox College Eta Kappa 2007
Loyola University Eta Lambda 2007
Elmhurst College Eta Phi 2013
Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville Colony Fall 2018

Pi Beta Phi
Monmouth College Illinois Alpha (Founding Chapter) 1867-1878/1928
Lombard College Illinois Beta 1872-1930 (Chapter moved to Knox College upon closure of Lombard College)
Dearborn Seminary 1881-1883
Carthage College Illinois Gamma 1882-1888 (College moved to Wisconsin)

Knox College Illinois Beta-Delta 1884-?/1930
Northwestern University Illinois Epsilon 1894
University of Illinois Illinois Zeta 1895
Millikin University Illinois Eta 1912
Bradley University Illinois Theta 1947
Illinois State University Illinois Iota 1974
University of Chicago Illinois Kappa 2013

Sigma Delta Tau
University of Illinois Kappa 1926
Northwestern University Sigma 1938-1970
Bradley University Alpha Upsilon 1962
Northern Illinois University Beta Eta 1967-1975
Illinois State University Delta Beta 1993-?

Sigma Kappa
Illinois Wesleyan University Eta 1906
University of Illinois Theta 1906-1941/1946-1968/1975-2016
Bradley University Beta Nu 1947
Illinois Institute of Technology Beta Pi 1947-1959
Northern Illinois University Gamma Zeta 1954
Southern Illinois University Gamma Kappa 1955
Eastern Illinois University Gamma Mu 1956
Western Illinois University Delta Sigma 1959-2011
Elmhurst College Zeta Iota 1977
Loyola University Theta Omega 1992-1998

Sigma Sigma Sigma
Southern Illinois University Alpha Nu 1931-1977/1986-2008
Eastern Illinois University Alpha Psi 1942
Northern Illinois University Beta Alpha 1944
Western Illinois University Beta Epsilon 1946
University if Illinois Gamma Alpha 1957-1965/1979-1987
Bradley University Gamma Theta 1962-1966

Illinois State University Epsilon Omicron 1989
McKendree University Theta Gamma 2011

Phi Mu
Knox College Sigma 1912-1989
University of Illinois Delta Beta 1921-1939?/1946-2011/2016
Loyola University Delta Upsilon 1965-1971
Elmhurst College Rho Theta 2009
DePaul University Rho Mu 2014

Phi Sigma Sigma
University of Illinois Theta 1923-1975/1975-2011/2013
Eastern Illinois University Delta Omicron 1985-1998
Illinois State University Epsilon Alpha 1988
Western Illinois University Epsilon Psi 1990
Loyola University Zeta Tau 1992
University of Illinois Chicago Theta Delta 1993
Bradley University Zeta Psi 1993-?
Quincy University Iota Beta 1998

Chi Omega
University of Illinois Omicron 1900
Northwestern University Xi 1901
Lake Forest College Sigma Delta 1938-1961
Bradley University Mu Delta 1947
Northern Illinois University Kappa Theta 1967-1985
Illinois State University Rho Kappa 1974
Western Illinois University Gamma Kappa 1983
DePaul University Mu Zeta 2007
Loyola University Lambda Mu 2010
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