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Originally Posted by Kevin View Post
I love it. This shows what happens when administrations overplay their hand. They are left with rogue underground groups which they cannot regulate at all. In this case, the sorority openly recruits, parties with fraternities and does all of the things which would have ended the existence of any NPC group.

This is what happens when schools start to eliminate the Greek system. It won't go away, it'll come back and it'll be much worse.
Although this wasn't the school's doing, it was DDD national that closed the chapter. The school allowed Trilogy to form and flourish. What their rationale is behind that when they actively got rid of similar groups years ago I do not know.

But honestly, it could have been ANY sorority at this party, just as it could have been ANY fraternity this happened to, and anyone who doesn't believe that has their head in the sand.
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