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Originally Posted by GreekOne View Post
Sadly, this chapter did have a paid adviser living in the house. There is no way that he could have been unaware of what was going on. Even with that level of support, there was a problem. I agree with you, Kevin, that NPC groups do a much better job of regulating this than IFC chapters. I would say, that it is because from my experience, both as a collegian, parent of my legacy daughter and chapter adviser our organization does not haze. I can't speak to the other NPC groups. But, my husband was hazed and he believes it to be part of his chapter's culture. If he were to serve as an adviser, he would be far more tolerant than I would be. I don't know why this behavior is so prevalent with the men's organizations but it seems to be common place. Perhaps the men that won't endure it, drop from pledging. Those that remain are the ones that believe it is a necessary part of the process for a bond to develop. We women learned long ago that this is not the case.
I'd say *some* of it can be tied to the fact that the NPC sororities never dealt with the men who had endured military service and training (and thus military hazing) in World War II and then after the war came back and restarted (either de jure or de facto) the chapters.
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