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This is a big reason why when I have the opportunity to discuss expansion with anyone from our Headquarters, I am emphatic about the need to expand into new territory rather than reopen closed chapters.

Those closed chapters are closed for a reason--their members, now alumni, were part of a bad culture. Reopen those chapters and those same alumni are going to come back--and just as soon as the expansion consultant is wheels up, those bad practices are going to start seeping back in.

As founding members, we took our jobs very seriously and ensured that structurally, alumni would be a big part of events which are where most of your hazing takes place. It is no accident that our badge no. 1 is now a highly sought after consultant in the area of organizational development and leadership.

NPC groups decided years ago to get serious about this issue--to declare housing dry, to truly eliminate hazing. In doing so, I think it's safe to say that on the whole, NPC groups are vastly more successful than their counterparts.

It's time for us to get with the times or die a slow death.
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