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Rushing a fraternity as a junior, what are the chances of success?

Hi everyone!
I'm a 19 year old male sophomore who tried to rush this quarter. The brothers liked me, but refused me a bid due to my low GPA. They told me to come back once my GPA improves. I will use this time to get my GPA up and get involved in clubs and sports.

However, is junior year too old to rush? I go to a medium sized university in California, and juniors do rush here occasionally. (I heard that CSUs and UCs are laid back on age). Although I'm not sure if older rushees have started college late, come from a military background, or are transfers. Has anyone here rushed as a junior? I will be 20 when I rush.

I posted this before, but wanted more answers.

TL;DR : Is it too late to rush as a junior? If not, what rush advice do you have?
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