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Thanks all. Oh I forgot to mention-- after 5 years of not being represented at all we have had a woman on Panhellenic finally for two consecutive years. One of our sisters was voted in as the school's Head Recruitment Counselor, which is a pretty big deal because she'll be semi in charge of Fall Formal. My School's Panhellenic was actually in a bit of a scandal over it, because word got out that they had made some nasty comments about my house during their deliberations to the tune of "they're not cool enough to be in charge of membership" and chosen someone less qualified initially, as well as there being some other allegations of them playing favorites with so called "top" houses. So I do have some reason to believe, and it was confirmed to be correct, that they were problematically biased against some houses, but hopefully now that we are represented it will be a non-issue again. Things are looking up on all sides.
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