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Sorry to dig up an old thread but I came to post probably my last post on Greekchat, or at least for a while.

I am in my last semester and studying abroad, but I still keep an eye on things at my chapter via facebook. We just completed a Spring COB event and we had enough women accept bids (almost as many as our fall formal) that if they all stay we will have made quota for the first time in many years. My Spring COB class when I joined was 7 women, the COB class for this period is nearly 30. By having a couple of semesters of women who were excited to be there and passionate about growing our chapter, the attitude of the house has completely changed from defeatist to excited. If you are an advisor at a struggling chapter, I would seriously encourage you to read this thread and see if you can implement any of our successes at your chapter.

Thanks everyone for your support.
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