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Ditto Titchou! Panhellenic doesn't give you a pledge class and your RFM specialist doesn't force you to invite PNMs. The purpose of RFM is to get the needed number or PNMs to each house, based on their historical performance, to allow them to pledge quota. That number differs for each chapter and the RFM specialist manages the numbers all week to have the correct number at each chapter's preference party. If a chapter that is struggling has permission from their nationals and knows that they are not going to follow the invite numbers by a somewhat substantial number, you just need to let panhellenic and the specialist know in advance so they can make adjustments to their projections. This is done as a courtesy to the system but especially to the PNMs because the other responsibility of the RFM specialist is to send the PNMs to chapters where they have the best chance of pledging based on her preferences. Think of it this way, if your chapter knows they are not going to take a large percentage of PNMs, then the RFM specialist, if she knows in advance, can open up space at other chapters to allow these women the opportunity to pledge somewhere else. What you explained is typical of so many chapters that are seriously struggling. Many of those that have turned things around have done exactly what your chapter has, target women in COB that bring the qualities your chapter is looking for in a new member. Congratulations on your success!
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