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Originally Posted by AnchorAlumna View Post
Good luck to you AIHelper!
When I checked into it some time ago, AI was just about impossible in my org. You had to have a degree, gone to a school where there was no chapter and severl other things, including being sponsored by an alum group. You certanly couldn't just petition on your own.
But the past few years, I've seen many women initiated. A couple of weeks ago, someone contacted me out of the blue on Facebook - nobody I know. I contacted the regional officers for that area who are now picking up the ball. One of them told me she had worked with a woman who sat across from her on the bus one day!
I'm glad we now have a path to membership that's much easier to take!
Yeah, I think it's frowned upon by my org to petition or pursue on your own. You must have a member fill out a form on your behalf at the minimum.

My org did NOT have a chapter at either school she attended (transferred from one to another). However, one colonized at her second undergrad school following her graduation!
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