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Can you pledge again? Yes.

Can you pledge again successfully? Harder question and we cannot give you a definitive answer. Difficult thing to pull off, even under the best of circumstances. I speak from experience, having depledged one social fraternity on campus to join another a year later.

Understand, there is a difference (1) in being thrown out, (2) in being asked to depledge (some in the fraternity think you just don't fit in but they like you enough to not ruin your chances with other fraternities) and (3) in depledging because you just didn't like them. As a general matter, don't depend on your former pledge brothers to provide any help in the future. I admit this thinking is very old school, but human nature doesn't change and I suspect that this dynamic still exists, at least informally. I recommend that you discuss all this with the best friends you'll ever have in life and who know you the best -- your parents. And follow their advice.

Now that you have some free time, focus on your studies not your social life. College is temporary. Later in life, no one will care whether or not you were in a fraternity. But your college transcripts follow you everywhere you go. People care about that. Also, go visit your college's mental health counselor - it will help.

The prior post about Dale Carnegie is probably some of the best practical advice you will ever get.

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