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Originally Posted by evilqueen View Post
I don't want to hijack this thread but I am confused about the relationship between pref and bids. I have been told that being invited to pref does not guarantee a bid? For example, if there are a max of three pref invites and you go to all of them you still might not get a bid from one of them. So what is the true story here? Thanks!
Many, many campus Panhellenics now guarantee bids for PNM's who make it to pref AND list all of their pref houses on their pref card (regardless of the #of max parties or how many invites the pnm had). It's a reward for maximizing their options throughout the recruitment process. Now....there will still be an exception here and there where a pnm acts so terribly on pref that Panhellenic will allow her to be released, but for 99.9% of PNM's at these schools, having at least one pref invite means they're getting a bid if they don't SIP ("suicide.")

This is why you see so many quota additions now. If a pnm attends 2 pref parties and both bid lists fill before her name comes up, she will bid match as a QA to one of those houses- either her first choice or the smallest chapter depending on the campus and situation.

This seems to be the norm rather than the exception now. I am not aware of any big Greek campus in the south of Texas that doesn't guarantee bids for PNM's who maximize their options on pref night.
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