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Originally Posted by Titchou View Post
COB - continuous open bidding - or informal recruitment is done only by chapters who are under campus total - a number determine by the college Panhellenic for all NPC groups on that campus. So sometimes quite a few groups are doing COB, and sometimes none are. Some may have one slot and some may have more. It is individual to each chapter. They generally do not advertise and do not coordinate events. Each group has their own schedule and events may vary from something as informal coffee with a few members to an event to a campus event. It is nothing at all like formal recruitment. Very one on one.
Good explanation!

So, pnm092802, what that basically means is that each sorority has a maximum number of members allowed. If they go below that number (because some members graduated, etc), they can fill those open slots by doing COB/informal recruitment. I mention that because, I want to reiterate what Titchou said - not all of the sororities may be under total. For example, let's say they are 14 chapters on your campus. In my example, 8 were at or above total after recruitment and cannot take any more new members. The remaining 6 are under total and might do COB to fill empty slots. Even then, they may only have 1-2 open spots....or they may have 9 open spots....or they could choose not to fill those slots at all. The sisters may already have some candidates in mind before COB starts. We don't know. However, the good thing about COB is that the atmosphere is more relaxed and you have more time and opportunity to get to know each other in a more natural setting. I hope this helps!

Best wishes to you as you move forward with your semester!
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