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^^^ Good advice (and questions to consider) given to you to help you improve your chances for COB or if you should go through formal again next year when you are a junior.

You stated that "I ended up dropping right before I was supposed to list my preference. The combination of feeling really sad about the process and not feeling too good about the house I had left led me to drop." In another post you stated "Also, my health was a big reason why I dropped after preference." Seems like you weren't pleased with how recruitment went for you compared to other PNMs, and you also didn't fully understand how the system works. FWIW, I know several young alumnae who were dropped from all but one or two houses early on, for various reasons. Although they were surprised/shocked/disappointed, they stuck it out, went through the process, ended up in a chapter, and two became president of their chapters. My point: you have had a bite at the apple and you walked away. I hope you will get another bite. I also wish you strength as you continue your recovery journey.
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