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I used to do website evaluations for our group.
It was a frustrating experience! I saw fabulous websites which were pretty much professionally done. I saw crappy awful websites. What happens is some smart cookie in the chapter builds a website. The next webmaster starts off updating, gets busy and forgets to finish. The next webmaster didn't get the password passed down, or forgets it, and it languishes for a year or two. Then the cycle starts again...BUT in the meantime somebody's enamored of Facebook, and then Tumblr, and then Instagram, and the good stuff goes there.

All of it - website PLUS Facebook PLUS Tumblr PLUS Instagram PLUS the Next Big Thing could be SO useful - as a communication device, as a marketing tool - except these things are set up and maintained by volunteers. If you get a good one, the next one may not be as skilled, or care. If you get a bad one, everybody says "bless hear heart, they had to give her an office" and just ignores it - life moves fast, and who has time to update a site when it's time for midterms?

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