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For my school and my chapter, not a big deal at all.

If you're at a school with a lot of chapters and rush is structured in such a way that most of the events are off campus (our school often had rush events like paintball, comedy clubs, go-karts, batting cages, that sort of thing) the chapters understand that you aren't going to make every event.

That being said, if this is a house you really, really want, make sure you're there for the final and second to final events if you can make it. Our final was comparable to a sorority pref in that you could choose one fraternity for a formal, suit and tie dinner, and it was from that group of men that we chose bids. Subsequently, our second final event was more or less the selection of the finalists, so to speak.

If it's an earlier round event and they like you, it's not going to be an issue. As you get closer to the wire, the cuts become more severe and it's not just based on "he's chill" anymore, but we start to vet you out to see how interested you are as well.
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