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The problem with these types of questions is that we don't know the whole story. I doubt that there is a fraternity anywhere that can impose an order that if you miss one rush event you are disqualified from receiving a bid. They expect every rushee to attend competing rush events.

But here's the problem with your question. Were you invited to an event that was RSVP and the money spent for your spot was wasted? If you RSVP saying you were attending and just didn't show up? That could be a problem. Just as it would be a problem in any social situation.

Chances are that you may have just verbally committed to someone over the phone and then didn't make it. If that's what happened, it may not be a big deal. Or it may be a big deal. Who knows? But I doubt that that would be an automatic no bid. A bigger disqualifier is that nobody in the fraternity knows who your are or that nobody likes you.

So make sure they know that you are still very interested in joining their fraternity. Then go to their events.
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