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YES. Earlier this year I sat next to a sister who was a member of a chapter that closed. Nationals (we had different leadership at the time--don't get me started--leadership is wonderful now) put a hard arm on them when they struggled, and they were told by HQ to do numbers and weren't nice about it. This campus, at the time at least--dunno if it's the same way now, that if you didn't have a house you couldn't be competitive. My org had a lot, but couldn't build a house unless we had X amount of members for X amount of time. My org struggled. Instead of taking girls they knew would benefit the group, nationals told them to take warm bodies. Never a good thing. It killed that chapter. I doubt we'll ever be there again since we have been at that campus twice. It was really heartbreaking to hear of a friend's daughter going through rush and hearing that my org was just 'handing out bids.' This is why colonies need to be picky.
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