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Originally Posted by thecon View Post
Hey all. My last post was a long time ago. Sad to report that my chapter is still struggling.

This was my last formal recruitment, and we had a lot of help from our amazing advisors. Our national/international advisor stepped in on the behalf of our chapter (our reputation has sunk to the level of "the house who never drops anyone, even grade risks") and allowed us to make cuts when our RFM equation allowed for none, or very few. In comparison to years past we dropped a significant number of women from recruitment. It helped us immensely in terms of morale during recruitment because we were no longer faced with women we were not excited to see come back, who were rude to us, and probably would drop anyway. However the downside to this is that our Panhellenic gave us the smallest pledge class on campus by a lot.

There are very knowledgeable members who have been around for a while, what is you opinion on this? And what do you think we can do going forward? We are very pleased with our class and hope that by weeding out some of the people who didn't want to be in our sisterhood we can keep them all focused and excited, as opposed to losing a significant chunk of our new member class, which is what usually happens. As a chapter I believe we are happier with having more ability to choose who we want as sisters. We plan to do COB events as well, and hope to bring our numbers up.
No they did not GIVE you your pledge class - small, medium or large. So please don't blame them for the size of your pledge class. Your chapter, with permission from your HQ, voted to invite fewer women than allowed. This almost always will result in a smaller pledge class. But the good news is these are women you want and who want you. And there is no better base to start with as everyone will see that in you....and will want to learn more about you. Network with everyone you know to find women to COB. Talking it up with women you know is the best networking there is. Sounds like you are on the right footing - you just need to widen your circle of influence.
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