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Regardless of what the RFM formula says, if your HQ is ok with it, you can release whomever you want. Panhellenic cannot override an organization's right to select their own members. The thing is that most of the time HQ is in agreement with the "the more people invited back the more possibilities for members" concept, even if those rushees are rude or have crappy grades or haven't bathed in a month.

You guys will do far, far better with a happy and excited smaller class who are all happy to be in YOUR sorority, than a larger group with a significant percentage of women who are only grudgingly there because they want to be in A sorority.

I'm so glad your HQ woke up and smelled the coffee. Their actions are positive in two ways: first, no one can say that you invite back everyone, second, it's been shown that your national has your back and doesn't just think of you as a number.
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