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Originally Posted by DubaiSis View Post
It happens A LOT. I just went through updating the database for the rush results spreadsheet and it happens all the time. There are a couple Sigmas at Iowa, as a for instance. But many schools developed Greek systems kind of all at once so especially for the older chapters they will be all pretty close in chapter designation. And true with single letter chapters as well. Cal has a TON of single letter chapters, and if they'd expand they'd have even more since so many sororities had to close chapters there.
Illinois has several.

Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Gamma, and Alpha Omicron Pi are all the Iota chapters of their organizations.

Alpha Xi Delta and Sigma Delta Tau are both the Kappa chapters.

Both Alpha Delta Pi and Alpha Gamma Delta are the Sigma chapters.

The Omicron Chapter name is held by Chi Omega and Gamma Phi Beta.

And to round up, the UofI chapters of Sigma Kappa (closed) and Phi Sigma Sigma shared the Theta chapter name.

I'm sure there's plenty of IFC chapters that also share names on campuses.
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