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Originally Posted by ChioLu View Post
Our Chi O chapter at Cal Poly Pomona has a great team of advisors. (We all catch up at our Founders Day luncheon each Spring.) I know that 1 advisor has been there nearly 20 years and has been voted Advisor of the Year several times and at our national convention.

Congrats to AXD and good luck on your colonization!
That's probably because Chi O has lots of alums in the area. At La Verne, AOII, Sigma Kappa and Phi Sigma Sigma have little alumnae support. AOII is just now getting local alumnae in La Verne after colonizing 10 yrs ago. Everyone else drives in from Los Angeles. It's often hard for groups without a lot of chapters locally to fully staff an adviser group. I know there are not a lot of AXiD chapters locally. I hope there are some local alumnae in the valley. That helps a lot. Many people outside of California really don't understand the problems with traffic and just look at the distance. I wish AXiD all the luck in the world with their colonization and with attracting alumnae in the long run.


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