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Originally Posted by LAblondeGPhi View Post
Are you talking about individual chapters or entire organizations? There are a handful of one-off local chapters that affiliate every year. I'm not going to go back too far, but from LaneSigs' threads:

University of Pikeville (KY) looking to convert to NPC and IFC
Kenyon College (OH) - Zeta Alpha Pi looking to convert to NPC
Sewanee (TN) - Alpha Delta Theta looking to convert to NPC

Cleveland State (OH) - Chi Delta Epsilon becomes Delta Zeta
Texas A&M (TX) - Zeta Beta Sigma becomes Alpha Epsilon Phi
Shorter University (GA) - Epsilon Sigma becomes Alpha Delta Pi
Kenyon College(OH)- Kappa Sigma Alpha becomes Alpha Sigma Tau
Sacred Heart University(CT)- Kappa Phi becomes Delta Zeta

Wichita State University(KS) - Gamma Epsilon becomes Kappa Kappa Gamma
Cleveland State University(OH) - Gamma Delta becomes Phi Mu

The two campuses off the top of my head were slightly before 2000: Pepperdine moved all of their locals to NPC in 1997, and I believe Valparaiso did the same thing in 1998.

I think John Carroll (near Cleveland) did something similar to Pepperdine and Valparaiso just a few years later.
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