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Originally Posted by calroses View Post
I'm curious if anyone has any data, stats, or even anecdotes about local organizations that successfully petitioned to affiliate with an NPC organization in recent history (lets say since 2000).
Are you talking about individual chapters or entire organizations? There are a handful of one-off local chapters that affiliate every year. I'm not going to go back too far, but from LaneSigs' threads:

University of Pikeville (KY) looking to convert to NPC and IFC
Kenyon College (OH) - Zeta Alpha Pi looking to convert to NPC
Sewanee (TN) - Alpha Delta Theta looking to convert to NPC

Cleveland State (OH) - Chi Delta Epsilon becomes Delta Zeta
Texas A&M (TX) - Zeta Beta Sigma becomes Alpha Epsilon Phi
Shorter University (GA) - Epsilon Sigma becomes Alpha Delta Pi
Kenyon College(OH)- Kappa Sigma Alpha becomes Alpha Sigma Tau
Sacred Heart University(CT)- Kappa Phi becomes Delta Zeta

Wichita State University(KS) - Gamma Epsilon becomes Kappa Kappa Gamma
Cleveland State University(OH) - Gamma Delta becomes Phi Mu

Originally Posted by Titchou View Post
OK, GCers,wasn't there a campus that had 2-3 locals and no NPC groups that did this during the time frame listed? Something is tickling my brain about this....
The two campuses off the top of my head were slightly before 2000: Pepperdine moved all of their locals to NPC in 1997, and I believe Valparaiso did the same thing in 1998.
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