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Are you active in your alumnae chapter? I am the founder of one, and now a member of another holding offices of Alumnae Panhellenic Delegate and College Chapter Liaison
Are you an advisor? Yes--Advisory Board Chairman, Ritual Advisor, and Facility Advisors. I have held others roles in the past.
Are you part of a chapter's housing corp? No. I was for two years and served as secretary and president and served for a year on aother chapter's Facility Coporation Board.
Are you a regional/province/whatever officer? No, but hopefully one day in the next 5-10 years I will accomplish that goal
Are you a national officer of some sort? No.
Something else?I am a Life Loyal charter member and yearly Foundation donor. I will be attending my second advisor conference this summer and attending my first Grand Convention last summer. I am helping to co-found the Alumnae Panhellenic Chapter here. I have a large Theta Bucket List to accomplish

Ha! I have a few changes:
Active in Alumnae Chapter--Sorta. There is no longer one present. I pay local dues to one in Louisville, an hour away and ave limited availability on what events I can attend.
Advisor: I'm currently filling in for a chapter as a Risk Advisor until a more local one can be appointed.
Housing Corp: Not anymore, but am a big supporter of the Fraternity Housing Corporation and promote it to advisor friends.
Regional/Province/Whatever Officer: Sort of. I'm a member of the Fraternity Risk Prevention Committee. I stepped down from my previous advisor roles in order to step up to this role. I love it!
National Officer: No
Something Else: I made a leadership level recognition as a donor for 2015 in giving and am set for the next level up for 2016. I just attended my 3rd Grand Convention. I've been to Theta HQ, NPC HQ, Alpha Chapter, and all four founders' graves--and blogged about them for the Fraternity. I serve on a special committee for Theta Foundation. Sadly we were not able to get an Alumnae Panhellenic off the ground.
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