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Okay - I have a few moments to get you started. What your son will need to be successful in rush? Good people skills is probably the most important. The ability to engage in conversation. Being likable. Just to give you a sense of this, recently, an alumni member of my fraternity died. Here's a sample of some message traffic about him:

"She told me that N++++++ owned a bookkeeping business and that he had many clients who "adored him." This did not surprise me at all. We all remember N+++++ as outgoing with great people skills. Mike is correct. He was a dang good guy."

Get the picture. Hopefully, your son already has what he needs in this regard.

But here's kind of a mental checklist on whether you son can successfully rush: (1) perspective on what is important and what is not important (good grades are important); (2) good manners toward everyone (hopefully he already has them); (3) good study habits (ability to budget his time); (4) drinking and drugs (don't be stupid); (5) some basic ability to withstand peer pressure (see drinking and drugs); (6) clothes - if needed, get new ones (whatever students are wearing at Arkansas); (7) ability to do his laundry; (8) ability to pay the dues and financial commitment he will be making. That kind of stuff.
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