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While I realize that sweetongreek's post is quite old, her thoughts and feelings are often experienced by those who do not end up in Greek life. I'd like to address it.

She asks if she is "supposed to" end up "unaffiliated, bitter at the recruitment process, and unbearably sad." Perhaps she was truly supposed to not be in Greek life. It is not for everyone. However, being "bitter at the recruitment process and unbearably sad" are issues that anyone who wants to be Greek, but doesn't join an organization, must work through. No one is "supposed to" end up bitter or unbearably sad. That's a ridiculous conclusion to make, and anyone experiencing that level of emotional turmoil over a long period of time due to not placing in an organization during Recruitment needs to seek help to deal with those emotions.

The truth is that NOT EVERYONE should be Greek. NOT EVERYONE will end up placed in an organization. But everyone WILL end up where they belong- either in or outside of Greek life. I have many friends who did not go Greek and became involved in other organizations that shaped their lives in so many positive ways, that it is difficult to imagine that being in a sorority or fraternity could have added anything else.

Anyone not placing during Recruitment is always encouraged to try again- realizing that the results may be the same. Being able to finally accept where you end up is the emotionally healthy and mature way to react to one of life's many many many difficult and uncertain situations.

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I'm so happy that the experience did work out for you and that you did "end up where you meant to" but the larger reality is still that this is not true for many many girls.

I transferred to an SEC school as a sophomore looking for a better academic experience than I had my freshman year and also a better traditional college experience. After attending a school with low levels of involvement and enthusiasm I wanted football games and school spirit and greek life. Unfortunately despite being (at least in my opinion) extremely involved on campus, friends with many members of greek organizations, academically focused, and having clear reasons for wanting to join a sorority I was entirely cut from rush before pref as sororities chose for their upperclassman quotas the close friends of the girls who had joined the year before as freshman. At a large school like you can be a perfect candidate for greek life and still get passed over.

I cannot count how many times I had been told that I would "end up where I am supposed to" and its heart breaking to read those threads and hear those words over and over again when it doesn't work out. Am I truly "supposed to" end up in this position? Unaffiliated, bitter at the recruitment process, and unbearably sad on the nights my friends traipse off to chapter?
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