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Originally Posted by ISUKappa View Post
I love that old chapter facilities that were once bought out and converted to apartments have now been returned to chapter houses - Alpha Phi (which used to be the Phi Kappa Tau house) and Delta Chi (which used to be the Phi Delta Theta house before Phi Delts bought Alpha Phi's old house and moved there).

There's also some amazing new construction with Delts and Sigma Chi's new houses (on their old lots, however), so if DG and PKT could find the land, it is possible. But with the construction of the new residence hall in that same area, land is really at a premium now. I wonder if SAE is renting out their facility while they're off campus or using the time to do updates.
I got to visit the new Sigma Chi house not too long ago! It's really nice although it has a bit too much of a dorm feeling to me. I haven't gotten to see the Delt house yet although I'd love to (I'd love to see all of the houses).

As far as the SAE house goes, I know there had been people living in it spring semester. I heard the university rented it to put student overflow into it. I've also heard there's a unhoused fraternity that's looking to move in this fall.
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