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I met someone recently who each day of recruitment ranked one particular sorority at the bottom of her list. Yet, the next day it was still there, along with other chapters that she (thought she) loved so much more. This continued through the entire week, and even after Pref it was still her least favorite group of those she visited.

Imagine her disappointment when she opened that card on Bid Day, and it wasn't the chapter she loved, but this one that she had been trying to drop all week. She gathered herself together and went to Bid Day, despite tears streaming down her face.

But... she stuck it out. Over time, she began to see that chapter in a different light. She began to see the heart of her sisters, the value in her international organization, and the woman that she was becoming, all thanks to this chapter.

Fast forward: this woman's membership in that organization was so meaningful that she is now a Greek Life advisor and has recently become involved in her city's Alumnae Panhellenic. The pride she has in her organization can not be hidden. She GLOWS when she meets other women who share her letters.

How her life would have been different if at any point along the way she had given up and quit.

It definitely gets better.
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